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In an engaging episode of Benzinga’s Cannabis Insider podcast, hosts Patricio Liddle and Nicolás Rodríguez welcomed Cody Shandraw, president of Healing Realty Trust, to discuss the role of real estate in the burgeoning sector of psychedelic therapies. Shandraw, who spearheads the strategic real estate services for this innovative healthcare field, illuminated the intersections of mental health treatments and property management.

The Business Of Psychedelic Real Estate

“Every day brings something new. Whether it’s regulatory updates, clinician interests, investor inquiries. It’s reminiscent of the early cannabis excitement in 2015,” Shandraw began, capturing the dynamic evolution of the psychedelic therapies industry. Shandraw shared his pivotal moment came in 2019 at a Benzinga conference, sparking an interest in psychedelics’ medical applications and the real estate needs of the emerging mental health treatments.

Building Spaces For Psychedelic Therapy’s Future

Healing Realty Trust, under Shandraw’s leadership, is carving out a niche by facilitating the physical spaces necessary for psychedelic-assisted therapies—a sector anticipated to require extensive infrastructure as it scales. Shandraw’s journey into this realm was sparked by an investment in Innovative Industrial Properties IIPR, which consolidated the cannabis real estate sector.

“I was always fascinated by the growth phases of emerging industries. Seeing IIPR thrive through market cycles solidified my interest in real estate’s role in healthcare evolution,” Shandraw said.

Tailoring Real Estate For Psychedelics Healthcare

The conversation then delved into the specifics of Healing Realty Trust’s operations, which tailor real estate solutions to the unique needs of clinicians and their patients, emphasizing underserved communities. Shandraw explained the comprehensive process, from leveraging data analytics for site selection to executing tenant improvements, ensuring facilities are turnkey ready for healthcare providers.

Addressing the broader implications of psychedelic therapies in healthcare, Shandraw noted the significant potential for these treatments to revolutionize care standards, particularly for conditions like PTSD and treatment-resistant depression. He underscored the urgency for appropriate facilities, as treatments like MDMA-assisted therapy will require specialized settings to accommodate long-duration sessions.

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Scaling Psychedelic Therapy With Strategic Real Estate

Shandraw cites an impressive statistic from Rick Doblin of the MAPS, estimating the need for approximately 150,000 clinics to adequately treat PTSD in the U.S. alone, underscoring a stark shortage in specialized facilities.

As the podcast wrapped up, Shandraw invited healthcare professionals and investors to engage with Healing Realty Trust, hinting at future expansions and the possibility of an IPO. His vision is clear: to develop real estate solutions that not only support but accelerate the availability of psychedelic therapies, ensuring they are as locally available as possible.

“Whether you’re a physician needing real estate expertise or an investor looking to contribute to this transformative field, we’re here to collaborate and grow together,” concluded Shandraw.

Watch the full interview on Benzinga Cannabis’ YouTube channel to delve deeper into Healing Realty Trust’s innovative approach to integrating real estate with psychedelic therapies.

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