Headspace Health Expands Mental Healthcare Services to International Markets


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Company adds on-demand behavioral health coaching, therapy and EAP services to its meditation and mindfulness offering for employers headquartered outside of the U.S., starting with the U.K.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Headspace Health, the provider of the world’s most comprehensive digital mental health platform, today announced the expansion of its care services for organizations headquartered outside of the U.S. Starting with the U.K. this month, Headspace Health now brings together Headspace’s world-class meditation and mindfulness offering with on-demand coaching, therapy and EAP services to provide a single mental health solution that reduces complexity, administrative burden and cost for employers. The company plans to extend these services into additional markets throughout 2023.

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Headspace Health expands mental healthcare services to international markets, adding on-demand coaching, therapy and EAP services to its offering for employers headquartered outside of the U.S.

The pandemic and global economic pressures have exacerbated the mental health crisis around the world with employees increasingly looking to their employers for support. A recent U.K. Corporate Mental Health Benchmark Report by CCLA revealed 93 out of 100 companies assessed acknowledge workplace mental health as an important business issue. While employee mental health support is an increasing topic of significance on company agendas, more work is required in this area to enact real change. A recent Headspace Health study revealed that one in three British workers feel their employer isn’t doing enough to support their mental health, and over half (63%) admit they missed at least one day of work over a 12 month period due to stress, anxiety, or other mental health challenges.

The Headspace Health stepped-care approach is designed with an emphasis on prevention, providing employees with the ability to increase or decrease the level of support they need as individual needs change over time. The end-to-end offering includes:

  • Self-Guided Care: On-demand, self-guided activities through the Headspace app to build proactive skills and enhance everyday wellbeing. Employees can access more than 1,000 hours of mindfulness content from evidence-based guided meditations, eyes-open exercises like mindful walks and runs, breathing and wind-down exercises, focus music, sleep content and more.
  • Behavioral Health Coaching: Unlimited 24/7 access to a team of highly-trained Headspace Health behavioral health coaches to build coping skills and manage day-to-day stressors related to general wellness, work, family and relationships, among others. Coaching is delivered via text with a market-leading response time – within two minutes – so employees can access the support they need in real time.
  • Therapy: High-quality clinical care delivered by video, phone or in person by licensed therapists trained in a range of clinical specialties and evidence-based treatments, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Employees are able to request a therapist based on their personal preferences once they reach out for clinical support.
  • EAP Services: In addition to the above framework, a dedicated EAP account specialist can ensure employees have access to support for issues ranging from eldercare and childcare to financial and legal support.

“We’re creating the mental health solution you’d design if you were creating the system from scratch,” said Russell Glass, CEO of Headspace Health. “People know and love Headspace, so it creates an approachable, engaging front door for individuals who can then access higher levels of care as needs arise. Expanding this complete capability into the U.K. today constitutes a major milestone in our journey toward transforming mental healthcare to improve the health and happiness of the world.”

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Dr. Dana Udall, Ph.D., chief clinical officer of Headspace Health, added, “Having pioneered this integrated offering in the U.S., we are thrilled to deliver a full-suite solution to organizations internationally. Of the existing Headspace Health members using our stepped-care model, 80% have their needs fully met via coaching and content alone, with an average 4.85/5 satisfaction with our coaches and clinical care providers. Our studies show that using more cost-effective forms of care in accessible environments delivers similar levels of improvement while reserving clinical capacity for those who truly need it.”

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About Headspace Health
Headspace Health is the provider of the world’s most comprehensive digital mental health platform, touching the lives of over 100 million people in 190 countries. Through our flagship Headspace brand, we provide mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement, and focus exercises. Our solutions, Headspace for Work and Ginger, are distributed through more than 4,000 enterprises, including Starbucks, Adobe, Delta Air Lines, Mattel, and Paramount; and through health plans such as Cigna. Our members and enterprise partners’ employees have access to mindfulness and meditation tools, CBT, coaching, therapy, and psychiatry, ultimately helping them to be healthier and more productive. To learn more about Headspace Health and our family of brands, visit headspacehealth.com.

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