Floyd Valley Healthcare enhances rural healthcare with the latest expansion in specialty clinics and therapy


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Specialty clinics and therapies needed more space at Floyd Valley Healthcare.

After three years of remodeling, the $10 million expansion is complete.

Improving healthcare is always a priority for Floyd Valley Healthcare.

Over the last several years, the facility has been under an expansion project to enhance the visiting specialty clinic and therapy service lines.

Dustin Wright, CEO of Floyd Valley Healthcare (FVH) said, “We knew that we were outgrowing the space that we were in, that’s a good problem for us. We continue to grow, especially in our outpatient department. That has been a strategic focus to keep up with the pace of our growing community.”

This covers 13,000 square feet adding 20 new exam rooms, a new entryway, and room for even more growth.

This makes it so more providers are coming into FVH in Plymouth County rather than having the barrier of traveling out of the area for more specific health care needs.

Wright added, “Especially for our elderly population driving into Sioux City and Sioux Falls, that can be difficult. When they can be here, have family members available to attend those appointments it makes it easier for our patients.”

The full list of Specialty Clinics at FVH includes Audiology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Ear, Nose & Throat, General Surgery, Nephrology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Urology, and Vascular.

Floyd Valley Therapies also outgrew their previous space.

The second floor of the new addition is home to a larger gym and additional treatment rooms.

“The space has been nice. Just the ability to have people walk long distances as we do different exercises,” Troy Henrich, physical therapy manager of Floyd Valley Healthcare said.

This area gives people more room to move, and easily transition to different therapy types if needed, all sharing the same room.

Henrich continued, “Now we have speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy all in the same same which has been great.”

By expanding not only the physical space, but their services as well they can serve more patients, reduce their wait times, offer a better range of medical treatments, and improve overall quality of care.

Floyd Valley was recently identified as a top 20 critical access hospital in the United States by the National Rural Health Association and wants to continue the growth and care for its patients.

Wright added, “These families have a lot happening so for us to coordinate all those services in one spot, and the team working together in one spot is a great win for everyone involved.”

Construction continues at Floyd Valley, but now it’s in the Maternal Health department.

Work started last month for an $8.2M renovation.

The goal is to give the birthing suites more room for the families and hospital staff.

Work will be complete by Fall 2025.


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